2019 – 2020 sturgeon ice fishing season kicks off

The long awaited ice fishing season is finally here. With Minnesota having some unseasonable weather the ice took a extra few weeks to set up than normal. That didnt stop us from getting excited and prepared. This year we got a new shack, new rods, and plenty of other gear that we were itching to use.

The season started off like most, no matter how prepared we try to be something gets us off to a slow start. First of which was trying to find some bait, you would think the land of 10,000 lakes would have more accessable bait stores. The second setback was worse, our auger fired up like a champ but would quickly die, all the signs of a carburetor issue. With all that aside we made the 3/4 mile haul out to the beautiful St. Croix river. We found our spot, a deep underwater point and got ourselves all set up. Finally, we were fishing.

The bite started off slow slow. Not much happened for the first few hours, thankfully half of the fun of ice fishing is just hanging out with everyone. Then I struck first, a slight bobber bump followed by a swift hook set put the first sturgeon of the season in the shack, only a baby, maybe 13 inches, but any start is better than no start. As time went on we landed 7 more sturgeon. Most fish 20 to 30 inches, however, the rookie of the trip landed the biggest of the night, a 36 inch beauty. Still not a giant, but it was his biggest fish ever and first sturgeon, needless to say hes more than hooked.

Even though there were no giants caught the first trip was a blast. Good stories and jokes with great friends and new memories. Looking forward to the rest of season and more good times with my friends.