Venison Breakfast Quesadillas

Hey everyone and welcome back. This week we wanted to bring you another breakfast recipe for ideas to use up some more of your venison. This recipe is easy to make, quick, and tastes delicious. Hope you enjoy!

Link for how we prepared the venison

Serves (2-4) – note you will need more eggs and milk for each serving
Ingredients –

  • 1 – 2 lbs of venison
  • 2 eggs
  • flour tortillas
  • 2 tablespoons of milk
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 cup cheese (we used a 4 blend mexican style cheese) also you can go more or less.
  • 1/2 cup salsa

Step 1 – start by preparing your meat, we used a sous vide added some garlic salt, garlic power and let that cook to a medium rare, you can cook the meat any way you want but I recommend pre cooking it before adding it into the quesadilla.

Step 2 – In a bowl add in your 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk, salt and pepper and whisk together well.

Step 3 – In a medium pan on a medium heat pour in your egg mixture and cook the eggs to make them into basic scrambled eggs.

Step 4 – In a separate pan on a medium heat place a tortilla down. Add your scrambled eggs and spread out to cover the whole tortilla. Next add your desired amount of meat to the top of the eggs, follow that with your 1 cup of cheese (feel free to add in more if you love cheese as much as I do). Next step is optional but add your 1/2 cup of salsa to the top of the eggs, meat, and cheese, I personally like this way because the salsa warms a bit too with being cooked so it isn’t cold if you keep it separate. Place your top tortilla on and continue cooking. Depending on the size burner you have you may want to slide the tortilla around slowly to ensure proper cooking and make sure it doesn’t overcook or burn in one area.

Step 5 – Once the bottom of the quesadilla is golden brown use a plate and cover the quesadilla while picking up the pan and flip it so the quesadilla is now on the plate, carefully slide the the quesadilla off the plate back onto the pan and continue cooking the other side until it is golden brown. (I recommend the plate idea because trying to flip it with a spatula often leads to you losing much of the contents of the quesadilla).

Step 6 – Remove from the pan, slice the quesadilla up into 4 quarter slices and serve, hope you enjoy!

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