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One of my personal favorite things about hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors is getting out with my friends and family.  Even better though is hearing some of their stories of landing that big fish, bagging that big buck, the perfect duck hunting day, and so much more.  A picture is great, but the story is what makes it.  So here it is, If you have a trophy buck, fish, or just a story of one of your favorite days in the field I’d like to hear the story, head to the contact information and send me a email with a picture and the story and I will put it on for everyone to see.  Looking forward to see what people have!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm… sometimes – Alex -Minnesota

It was duck opener 2018 and unlike every other year we were going to be prepared for this one. Guns check, waders, check, ammo, check, camo, check.this year my friend and I were rolling in style brought the camper and everything to our annual duck hunting spot. Get there and there’s a boat load of ducks flying. Teal everywhere it was what every hunter dreams of. We park the camper set it get the gear unloaded and set up for hunting the next morning. That’s when I find out that I didn’t pack a pillow or blanket or anything… so I put on all of my camo and try to use my jacket as a blanket/pillow. We turn the gas burners on for heat cause the furnace doesn’t work. So I’m freezing to death all night. Alarms finally go off and I’m ready to go(cause I slept in everything) but my buddies dragging his feet to get ready. He finally gets ready and a truck rolls up two guys jump out and throw the shit out and park the truck and sprint to the boat launch… now you have to understand we had EVERYTHING ready. Boat in the water stashed away, decoys in it everything minus guns and ammo and these guys beat us out… I was so mad. They end up sitting where I wanted to sit too so double whammy. We end up taking my back up spot and when the sun came up the birds are everywhere! I’m shooting pretty good and ducks are falling everywhere. They guys across the pond aren’t shooting at all. We ended up with our two man limit of ducks and a couple geese thrown into the mix as-well.  

Memories in the Field  –  Duwayne – Minnesota

My favorite outdoor memories revolve around our hunting cabin and fishing excursions with my son and friends.  Fishing, duck hunting and preparing for the deer hunt and the time in the woods with my hunting partners and sharing in their success going back over 40 years  have created so many memories that it would be hard to choose any one.  If I had to choose one it would be that I was able to pass along the passion for hunting and the outdoors to my son.

2018 Track-a-thon – Jared – Minnesota

Every year it seems season comes around faster and faster.  This year was just same.  I found myself last minute gathering up my orange gear and rifle and hitting the road to the cabin.  Looking at the forecast things looked great, the wind was perfect, temperatures not that cold (30s-40s) needless to say I was looking forward to the sit. As afternoon slowly approached on Sunday I look to my left and catch a glimpse of brown.  I quickly pull up my rifle to see a buck casually walking along the woods edge.  Only problem is he is far, 375 yards which i later came to find out.  After quick contemplation I decide I’m going to try take a shot.  I rest the gun as stable as I can, place my crosshairs on the shoulder, and slowly pull the trigger. BOOM and the buck topples over, only, It didn’t.  He stood there unphased.  I chambered another round, aimed slightly higher, and BOOM, same results, he continues to stands there.  I sit defeated, disappointed I cannot capitalize on my rare opportunity.  I decide to not try my last shot and that proves to be the last time I see that buck and the only thing I saw on opening weekend.  Fast forward now to the last weekend of Minnesota rifle hunting.  I choose to hunt my southern swamp stand after winds switch on me.  The weather is now cold and frigid (0 to 10) degrees.  After an unsuccessful morning hunt I grabbed a quick lunch and it was back to the stand.  As I sit waiting, looking around slowly, a noise catches my attention to my left.  I know this noise, a distinct walking sound.  I ready my rifle and wait.  All of a sudden a buck emerges from behind some thick pines.  He is slowly making his way towards me. My problem now though is the wind is blowing lightly in his direction.  I pick a lane and wait for him to get through some thick brush to give me the perfect shot.  Just a few more steps and I’ve got him right where I want him.  Only he locks up, I know exactly why, he has caught wind of me but doesn’t know exactly where I am.  I make a quick decision that I will try shoot through the brush, I aim, pull the trigger and BOOM, nothing, he stands there for a second and takes off running, I can only catch small glimpses of him now as he makes his way through the thick woods.  Looking for an opening for a second shot I find a small gap and wait, hoping I will get another opportunity.  Suddenly my scope fills with brown and I pull the trigger.  I sit down, feeling defeated again.  Thinking there is no way I touched that deer.  I wait for a while then go to the first spot I tried to shoot and to no surprise I find no signs of a hit.  It amazes me how much brush can impact a bullets flight.  Then to the second spot.  Amazed I find a spot of blood in the snow.  Then some more, and I’m off on the trail.  Not for long though, shortly into my tracking I hear him get up and crash through the woods.  I decided to back off and go get my brother in law.  By the time we get back the sun is just about set.  We make our way from the last spot I marked.  Through the thick woods we go, the blood trail is now very light.  Only a drop or two every 50 to 100 ft., without the snow our search would already be impossible.  Suddenly several hundred ft away from the first encounter we hear him crashing again which ends our search for the night.  Last day of season is now here and a long night of replaying the scenario in my head.  I am going to find this deer or try our damnedest .  We start one last time in the second area we spooked him and carry on the search.  Still very little blood, one spot here, one spot there.  Then I make my way through some thick brush and on the other side there he is.  Laying there, a 9 point beauty.  I was thrilled we found him.  Very thankful my brother in law  and I were able to find him.  This goes to show you though, even if you don’t think you hit them well don’t give up to easy.  He isn’t the biggest buck, but by far the most difficult track I have ever had.  Still very thankful I was able to bag one and get to enjoy some more delicious venison this year.

One thought on “Braggin Board

  1. I love this website…and the stories!
    Jared is a 4th generation hunter since I have been a part of this family….50 years!
    DuWayne was around and got his picture taken when his Grandpa got his picture in the paper for bagging the largest buck that season and won a hunting rifle.
    When it’s in the blood you just can’t get it out!


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