Chasing Dinosaurs Through The Ice

It’s that time of the year again, the time people like to hide indoors most, winter time.  For some though, this is a time of new opportunities not found any other time of the year.  Whether that be snowmobiling, snowboarding,  or so much more there is plenty out there if you’re willing to brave the elements.  For us, our opportunity is in the form of ice fishing. 

When most people think about ice fishing they think crappies, sunfish, and walleye.  We on the other hand like to think bigger…. much bigger.  A fish that can weigh over 100 lbs bigger.  What is this fish you ask? The answer is sturgeon. 

Sturgeon have been known to date back to 50 million years ago.  They can live over 100 years old and reach lengths well over 10 ft long.  When you see one of these ancient creatures up close you will notice right away how unique of a species it is.  From their rough sandpaper like skin to their pointy scutes there’s nothing quite like them.   This is what makes landing one of these rare creatures even more special.

Armed with only a rod half the size of a normal rod we sit staring at our bobbers.  We wait, watching for any signs of movement.  Surprisingly for how large sturgeon may be, their bite is often one of the most subtle to notice.  Usually a 1/2 inch slow pull only to raise up and repeat.  Nothing is more exciting then seeing that movement knowing there is a chance of a true giant on the other end of your rod.  A quick hook set later and the fight is on.  Guys hurrying to reel in their line,  drag screaming, rod bending so much you fear it will break, and your adrenaline is through the roof.   This is what sturgeon fishing is all about.  One thing is for sure, once you land one through the ice you will be hooked for life. 

  With ice fishing season now in full gear you will know where to find us. If we’re not working its chasing these prehistoric fish hoping to catch a monster.  If you are curious about learning more about sturgeon fishing feel free to inbox me.  Until then tight lines!  Videos to come soon